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Dear person reading this, 

Welcome to my blog! I am honored by your readership- whoever you may be- and I hope you enjoy my little corner of the web. Now, pop-culture demands I tell you about myself and try to impress you in a professional manner. So here's my attempt at an impressive intellectual profile: 

Monique Kwachou is a young Cameroonian woman with strong opinions loosely held. She is an avid reader, struggling writer, self-motivated youth worker and budding academic of feminist education. She published her first book, a poetry collection entitled Writing Therapy: A Collection of Poems, with Langaa RPCIG in 2010. She has since published individual poems, short stories and op-ed articles in various international magazines such as This is Africa and The Kalahari Review and anthologies including To See the Mountain and Other Stories (2011), It Wasn’t Exactly Love (2015) and more. 

She has been national Public Relations Officer for the Anglophone Cameroon Writers Association, and employed by the University of Buea, Cameroon as a part-time gender studies instructor and as full-time students' affairs officer.

Ms. Kwachou founded Better Breed Cameroon, a youth-development focuses community initiative in 2013 with a cash award for academic excellence. As of that time, she has coordinated the association in organizing quarterly youth development projects and curating a website that seeks to inform and inspire young Cameroonians. In recognition of her work, Monique was selected in 2015 as one of "Africa's most promising young women leaders with the courage and commitment to lead and shape the future of Africa" by Moremi Initiative for its MILEAD Fellows Program.  


Okay, with the formal stuff out of the way, let me really tell you about Monique eh?

My skin is the color of beignet removed from frying-oil at exactly the right time. I am tired of people describing colored women after variations of coffee and chocolate... expand your menu. 
I am outspoken in writing, reserved in person... well until I know you. 
I'm so black my favorite fruit is watermelon and so African I am offended by my saying 'I'm African' as though we were a monolithic group. 
As I am neither a fan of football nor beer, only two things identify me as truly Cameroonian; my having four names and good taste in music. 
My role models (at least those whose names you'd recognize) are Maya Angelou, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, and Claire Huxtable. Yes, T.V characters count. 
Fictional lives matter. 
Oh, I'm also a life-long member of the Harry Potter Fan Club


Since you now know me a bit better, feel free to share something about yourself in the comment section. Don't you want to be my friend? 😍

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