A display of some books, poems and thought-pieces I have published elsewhere*

~Writing Therapy: A Collection of Poems 
2010, Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon

~To See the Mountain and Other Stories (2011 Caine Prize for African Writing Anthology)
My story "Afritude" is featured along with sixteen other beautifully crafted short-stories. You can read a preview to the story here on Bakwa

~ Summoning the Rains and Other Stories (2011 FEMRITE Anthology)

~ Post Battle Cries (2012)

 “In Post-Battle Cries Kwachou conjures an ironic landscape where colonialism has left its scarring on the psyche of an Africa who has now internalised its own oppression. Here, Kwachou is neither formulaic or distant. Her verse is pristine and consciously poised, in the way of neo-classical poets Jessie Redmon Fauset and Gwendolyn B. Bennett.” 
-Kamaria Muntu, poet, critic and publisher.

A poem about color...

An excerpt from an upcoming book on a girl coming of age while discovering home.

A satirical flash fiction piece 

A poem on the nonchalance of the content

~I.D (2014)

A poem on identity published with Ofi Press

~It Wasn't Exactly Love (2015...)
My story "The Bride's Gift" is in this amazing anthology on sex and sexuality soon to be on the international market. 

*Not all my publications are listed here. 

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