A Happy, Thankful New Year

Hello everyone and welcome back to my musings.
I hope you all had a lovely end of year and a good start to this new one.
What resolutions if any have you made? For musings I resolved to finally take to heart the requests of readers and ensure my posts are shorter (I’ll try, I promise)
Have you ever graded your year? I mean looked back and thought of all what happened and classified it as good or bad year?
I find I always do so and this year it was even better. My 2014 received a an A grade, 80%  now I know this year had a lot of pain worldwide, from the Chibok Girls in Nigeria to the evil massacre carried out by the Taliban. From the disappearance and crashing of planes to one of my personal heroines’ Maya Angelou’s death on the 28th of May 2014. It has not been good for a lot of people and it saddens me that the year which brought answers to quite a few of my prayers had to be so bad for others.
Now in 2013, I went through mini hell. And midway, at the brink of depression (a topic we’ll discuss this year) a dear friend challenged me (and followed me up) to give her a report at the end of each day of something good that happened, something that made me feel, something that made me smile, something, anything to be grateful for.
I realize that I and many others look at our problems more often than our blessings. We look at how far we have left to go rather than how far we've come.

I'm learning to consider the achievements and progress made as much as the “to do” lists and all the unfulfilled needs. Rome was not built in a day right? (or in my case 25 years lol!)
So I challenge you to join me. As you buy your schedulers and daily planners and make your vision boards for the year, buy a small journal and each day write down even just one thing on why each day was worth it. If you need help, consider the fact that you are alive.
Let me tell you a secret: My 2014 was so great because I have a thankful journal to remind me of all the gratitude worthy things which happened to me. Without that journal and that act of constant thanksgiving I may not have remembered. We human beings have very selective memory.
Wishing you and yours a thankful year, it’s the best kind 

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