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I have wondered about what to blog about this month. Wondered because though Musings is all about my stream of thought sometimes our minds are riverbanks flooded and no single thought molecule can be given the attention and feeling it needs to be penned down satisfactorily.
That has been the case with the news surrounding us of recent. The news is rarely uplifting, but more recently it has been downright depressing. From planes falling out of the sky (or out of sight all together) and Gaza bombings being heralded by warning bombs to Ebola, to the shooting of an unarmed black boy suddenly made just because he allegedly stole a box of cigarettes… There is a lot to wonder about. With this post I invite you to wonder along with me. This contemplative piece is entitled...

This Too Shall Pass

I wonder if another generation ever saw something like this.
If it is true that things are spiraling out of control
-That humans are losing their humanity with every new gun model, with every nuclear development

I wonder if this time is the last time, a black boy would be shot down with trial,
Just prejudice and a jury of one
 I know it isn’t the first time, but I thought we had evolved, you see, I hoped.

I wonder if the majority shall ever see
Or if this is what it meant when Ecclesiastes said “It is all chasing the wind”
If we can see that to embrace knowledge is not to reject God, that science is a miracle in itself?

And I wonder if we could step beyond the conspiracy theories
 If we apply imaginations to finding the cures
Rather than positioning the blame

I try not to wonder about human greed, selfishness, injustice, the vices must exist.
I just wonder if we’ll ever bring good and evil to a 3:2 ratio at least
And wonder if the undecided can see there are no grey areas on issues of war and peace.

I wonder not about the countries at war,
but at the individual, the man born of woman who once crawled cried and was carried,
Who now pushes a button to bomb a school; I wonder at what happened to him in-between

I wonder not at the leaders who loot, and fail us again and again in their inactivity,
Nor do I wonder at the manipulative and pretentious puppet masters who supply arms, fund wars, then send relief packages. I do not waste my musings on them
I wonder at my own, the militant who if his lineage be traced may be my third cousin twice removed or might be found to be the grandson of the man my great grandfather rescued from drowning in the village river. I wonder at how he became Boko Haram, how he became ISIS, I wonder how the twice removed created a gap in his humanity

I wonder at how many versions of the Bible or Koran there are?
Which one does the jihadist read before sending a child out on a suicide mission?
Which one did the prophet read before claiming God sent Ebola to kill the homosexuals?
I wonder where they can find new editions

I wonder what those of us who feel can do?
Those of us who know you can’t win by shooting the shooter
I wonder where do we start and where does the evil end…

And I remember other generations have suffered slavery, withered away in apartheid, the dehumanization of segregation, the obnoxiousness of genocide…
I remember and all I can think is:
This too shall pass- I hope

As you wonder along with me and think of what to do.
 Let me show you a place to start, spread love those around you and if possible make a donation to this little girl who is not around you. ..
Sangha Mua who was diagnosed with brain cancer a day before my 4th birthday needs help raising funds for her treatment. Follow this link and please show your support.


  1. Interesting.....Really interesting...Need More...

  2. "...the man born of woman who once crawled cried and was carried,
    Who now pushes a button to bomb a school..."

    That's beautiful Monique. That sounds like the heart speaking :-)

  3. please i will like you to glance at my blog. Tell me about my errors. i just started.


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