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Pssss....I hope you know I'm a Christian

I've been downcast since Sunday. What started as self-disappointment over my inability to capture what I need to say properly in writing has evolved into a wave of misery over things I have yet to achieve, yet to overcome, or may not even be able to change.

These thoughts sent me to my vault of spoken word videos, where I go watch what really inspired people produce (and further my miserable mood -of course) as well as renew my faith in myself by listening to the gospel in my favorite form- poetry.

I replayed some of my favorite spoken word performances: "Does anybody know you're a Christian" by Karness and "Almost (Saved)" by Ezekiel Azonwu among others.
As I envied their words, rhythm, and confidence in performing. I thought of my faith and how most times it's all that keeps me going.
Although I have a plethora of friends who do not share my faith (or any for that matter), who's reasons and stance I can appreciate. I still can't consider not b…