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An Ode to Those We've Lost

Last month I visited the United States briefly. After having spent almost seven years of my childhood there and returning home to Cameroon indefinitely, this trip was my first in fifteen years. Messages from friends spanned from "watch out for the police" to "buy me shoes" to " we hope you're coming back". One particular writer friend wrote me asking how long I was traveling for. When I told her I was just going to be out for just over a week, she had this to say: 

"Ah okay. I'd been worried that we've lost another 😜😂😂 Not that I would have told you if you were moving. I'd just have said congratulations and all the best and stuff like that. Then wished I had all African Presidents on speed dial so I could berate Biya for losing [another] top brain"
It is this comment in particular and the experience of the trip which inspired this post. 

I traveled for a conference, my first academic conference. I was happy, proud of the achieveme…