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Straight Outta My Bookshelf: Boundless by Kefen Budji

Those who know me, know I love reading. Most however, are unaware of what I consider to be my guilty pleasure; I read more pop-fiction than literary, more of both pop and literary fiction than academic and least of all specific Cameroonian literature. That’s not to say I’ve read few academic works or nearly no Cameroonian authors, I’m simply confessing to putting my own (both academics, and fellow Cameroonian writers) at the bottom of my preference list. It is a pecking order I’d like to rectify. If we’re honest we’d agree it’s easier to lay hands on American pop-fiction than a book by a Cameroonian author. Well, I can’t make more Cameroonian books available, but I can bring more attention to those which I gain access to. I intend to do just that by making book reviews (only Cameroonian books) a regular occurrence on Musings. Deciding which Cameroonian book to review first wasn’t as difficult a decision to make as it could have been. I was practically given a copy of Boundless by a…