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What Day? What Are We Celebrating?

Hey Everyone!
Halfway through the second month! How's 2016 treating you so far?

Well, in 2013 I founded a youth development association called Better Breed Cameroon, and in a bid to raise consciousness in young followers we did a Vox Pop on our Facebook page asking people the reason behind Cameroon's Youth Day. Three year's later as we now celebrate half a century of Youth Days, I decided to take this Vox Pop to the "field" where young people march past older notables seated in the shade of grand stands.
Watch the videos of our respondents below and tell us what you think!

We began with those we considered to be more knowledgeable- the members of the ruling party's youth wing!

These were the only YCPDM members we could find to answer questions in English though, the majority spoke French as a first language despite being based in Buea. Knowing we have French literate readers here we interviewed a few of them all the same.

We also asked  a few younger students…