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Yet another New Year Speech and a Proposed New Year Resolution

Happy New Year Readers!
Hope you had a lovely holiday season. And what were the resolutions? I hope you made some because we Cameroonians desperately need to make some collectively as a country. On the 31st of December as is his norm our president of #33years and counting made yet another New Year speech. As always the speech, a well put together piece of PR jargon, was delivered in French and a flawless translation made available in retrospect. Reading the speech, I felt like it deserved an honest line by line critique. But as I’m trying to avoid beginning the year with an angry rant, I’ll just stick to writing on the major point which struck me. For better understanding of this post, it would be wise to read the whole speech HERE.
*** Any idea that our president is a fool should be obliterated. Contrary to popular opinion, our African leaders aren’t poor managers because they are foolish. Nope, they are savvy, cunning political gurus. You have to have some serious gifts to play peop…