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A week ago the hashtag #33ans trended among Cameroonians on Twitter with Cameroonians speaking out on the 33rd anniversary of the ruling political party in Cameroon. The week before that the hashtag I followed was #FeesMustFall Then later #Mizzou Then as of the 13th of this month, #Parisattacks and #PrayforParis. I was a bit impressed by #33years because Cameroonians aren’t known in public spaces but for football and our First Lady’s hair. To have trended on Twitter with hashtags trending from all over the globe every minute was an achievement.
But, like someone who works at the carnival I’m no longer amazed. I see the rides go up and down every day, I know the mechanisms behind them. The news doesn’t change. At any given time there is all sorts of pains that should be trending that need to be given attention that appeal to our humanity, a lot of which are not. I have become expectant of the hashtags. We now wonder: How long till the next shooting in the US? How long before we hear of anot…