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Feminist When I Want To Be- The Convenience of our African Feminism

March is International Women’s Month, I knew I would write something in relation to the women’s movement, a sort of state of the movement speech, but till a recent argument with a friend I didn't know what exactly I would be writing on. The argument wasn't important, but a statement made during it is. The particularly chauvinist statement being made by one who calls herself a feminist, who has studied gender and is often quick to declare herself equal to or more than any man (not that the fact is disputed) was a revelation of what she really thought within her about the status of women: To be seen no heard. As I pondered on the hypocrisy her statement, I realized it was normal. Yes, normal. 
You see my friend is one of many and we, I included, are all a bit like her. These are the kind of feminists we are, the kind we have cultivated. The African feminist, particularly the Cameroonian feminist is a fickle one.  How so? We are feminist when it concerns us, when it suits our …