A Recap: Camer Bloggers Hangout

     So my last blog post was on the laudable strides into blogging by Cameroonians. However while a lot of Cameroonian bloggers are coming up, few have reach that hallowed level of making a profit off their blogs. A dynamic woman and PR-extraordinaire Adeline Sede Kamga are bent on changing that.
     To start, she rallied Camer bloggers in the country for a bloggers hangout on the 14th of June 2014. The event sponsored by one of her clients Ethiopian Airlines with a free wine tasting by another of her clients Duvas Wines held at White House Bonapriso, Douala and was in one word: Fabulous!
Adeline, who is also the founder and CEO of FabAfriq Magazine a beautiful publication battling the negative portrayal of our continent on a regular basis, says she wants to start a revolution leading to bloggers and their blogs being seen as equal options for advertising.
In Cameroon, companies limit themselves to billboards, newspaper layouts and TV ads. Those who don’t have enough to spend on those three means are left out. However with the popularity of social media and the rise in blogging amongst Cameroonians blogs are as good a place as any to advertize and Adeline is leading her clients along to this new plane of advertising.
           The first client to “bite the bait” is Ethiopian Airlines. They fully sponsored the get together where bloggers came together to learn from each other on everything from the best blog engines to the types of blogs to advice on consistency, increasing followers and marketing.