Musings on Mandela

Mandela's death has brought about so many recollections on his life, work and what he stood for. I don’t think anyone of my generation can attest to have been directly impacted by Madiba. But we were touched by him none the less, and those to come after us will continue to be touched, though time will surely mellow the hardship he went through and history will shade over some things in favor of others.
One thing I know is this: The fact that there was Mandela, the fact that he lived what he believed in, worked, fought for Africa, loved his country and led like a God-given ruler, will remain an ever present hope. Like a photograph in an album from one of your best days that you keep to remind you, no matter how old, wrinkled or undesirable you may become, that you were once that beautiful…the fact that there was Mandela remains like that photograph a reminder, that no matter what ugliness we see in our continents leadership today and no matter the fact that nearly everyone is ready to sell out, there was once a leader  And with that photographic memory, we have the present hope that it is possible for God to do what he did once before and send us another Mandela. We’ll be watching and waiting.


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