Constant Reminders for Feminism

Some people say: Feminism is no longer necessary, if at all it ever was.

 They say we no longer need the concept and women are now the ones abusing men's rights. Sounds a lot like those who claim Reverse Racism to me, but all the same, here are some reminders of why I still need feminism and feel we all do too:

  • I need feminism because just off recent; a girl was gang raped by 6 men in Kenya and when she succeeded to recognize 3 of them, the police told these rapists to clear/cut grass surrounding the police station. I wonder when cutting grass become equivalent to the crime of defiling someone’s body, soul and mind? And why the grass at the police station, rather than let’s say the victims home? Do those men have daughters? Would they have done same if she were any of their daughters? 

  • I need feminism because more recently news spread of a woman who was successfully sued by her husband for giving birth to what he called “an extremely ugly children” supposedly resulting from her lying about her physical beauty. Since when did women owe beauty to men? Is it an obligation? What does it say about the man that he married his wife simply for her looks? What does it say about him that he could condemn his children for not being attractive? Let’s forget the fact that the media purports unreachable standards of beauty to young girls every day. Or that young girls now are more concerned with the brightness of their skin than the brightness of their futures, after all that is just pop culture right? But when did pop culture and its definition of beauty enter the legal system allowing a judge to pass such a judgment?

  • I need feminism because local news reports state last week a woman took her own life in Bamenda claiming her husband had not slept with her for over a year. When will we stop attaching our value to men husband or not? What of our own self worth?
  • I need feminism because presently policemen stand along the streets in Buea threatening young girls on their dressing, but they cannot be called upon if there is a robbery or domestic abuse in any quarter… 
  • I need feminism because when a man cheats he is called a man and men a woman does same she is called a slut… 
  • I need feminism because this weekend when RUMORS circulated claiming that a “Sugar daddy” had preyed upon a young girl at a hotel in Molyko, the majority of people sought to condemn the young girl (who is believe to be dead) as though she were the criminal. More attention and outcry was given to young girls and their “langaa money” than to the part of the rumor involving the man and his evil. Some even went so far as saying the young girl deserved to die for wanting to sleep with the man for money. What about the man who was offering the money?  
  • I need feminism because the prostitute is still insulted but her customer who pays for the act has no flaws… 
  • I need feminism because young girls are taught to avoid rape by dressing “better” (which contradicts with media images of being “hot and sexy” mind you) but young boys are never taught the meaning of consent… 
  • I need feminism because no matter how many opportunities are open to women today, the mindset of the majority has changed little. Most are still reared to think they are second class, and the most important achievement for them is still their marriage certificate… 
And for those who don’t know… Feminism is simply the movement based on the belief that men and women should have equal rights, opportunities and choices open to them…It is simply believing a woman is as human and thus just as worthy as any man… More simply put to be feminist is to be humane… and I think we can all agree the world needs more humaneness.


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